Straw Sculptures by Sang Sik Hong

How amazing is this?

There’s a crisis of access in this country,” says Richard Baraniuk, a computer and electrical engineering professor at Rice University. He’s talking about the rapidly increasing cost of college education, which includes not only tuition, but also room and board, class fees and, yes, textbooks. Estimates of how much students spend on textbooks in a given year vary widely, but most colleges’ financial aid websites peg the cost at about $1,000. Baraniuk thinks that cost should be reduced to zero. He’s been part of the open-source educational movement since 1999, when he grew frustrated with the book he was using in his electrical engineering class. He considered writing a book himself but had an epiphany as he learned more about the open-source operating system Linux. “I realized that we could take the same ideas–namely, modularity…and open-sourcedness, making it free and remixable–and apply that not just to software but to textbooks.

Free Open Source Textbooks Growing in Popularity in College Classes | Business | TIME.com (via markcoatney)

Just like every other form of social order, education system desperately needs reformation.


Myoung Ho Lee – Photography Act (2007)

“Lee has produced an elaborate series of photographs that pose some unusual questions about representation, reality, art, environment and seeing. Simple in concept, complex in execution, he makes us look at a tree in its natural surroundings, but separates the tree artificially from nature by presenting it on an immense white ground, as one would see a painting or photograph on a billboard.”

How awesome is this?


Michael: is the network up yet?
Lisa: no, I can’t work without the network! All our files and system is accessible via the network! What am I going to do?
Michael: quit your job, while you can