About me

This blog is a collection of random thoughts and me thinking aloud. A “Shower Thought” of Reddit, a personal diary, a digital footprint of the sort. Some disclaimer:

  • All opinions are mine, so please do not be offended.
  • I also don’t claim to be an expert in any field. I have many talents, Jill of all trade rather.
  • English is also not my first language, so if I made a jargon or grammatical error, please correct me, I am more than happy to learn.

I owned 30fps.ca since studying at McMaster University. I have graduated since and while I continue to pay the domain year after year, I did not update or wrote anything. I feel as if, it’s shameless to share your personal and deepest thoughts to people out there. I stayed away from social media, often posting something only to delete it later on. So much for being in the Communications Studies! Well, I am back! This time, less inhibited and hopefully writing a little more substance. So, here I am once again…Hello, World!

I also wrote about Burlington in “One Good Day,” a myriad of places, spaces and people of Burlington. I hope to record anything and everything that I know or come to know about Burlington.

Still curious? Why don’t you Google?. Trust me, I enjoyed reading the search results myself.