Social media, what’s next?

I am assuming as a social media company, you evolved with time, trend, people and such. So I am so very curious to know after Instagram announced the multi-login capabilities and video view count, what else would they do?

Apparently, social media companies are merging technologies to become a one-stop-shop for everything. Donna Papacosta mentioned in our Digital Communication Strategy class that you work from your website, homepage, a blog before you use other social media channel. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket she implies.


Everyone has multiple social media account nowadays. From Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Periscope, Snapchat…to name a few but at what point does it end? People flock to anything that is new and trendy, and then what? I recall being in a class and our professor asked, so what is next?

So, what do you think? Do you use all the social media tools out there? Do you post on Instagram as well as Twitter, and Facebook at the same time or do you post based on the situation that you are in and then pick the social media channel? Or, do you use social media that lets you upload video, text, sound and images at one go?

3 thoughts on “Social media, what’s next?

  1. I use different tools in different ways for different purposes. Instagram and Tumblr is for the art/music I make. Twitter is more public and more about knowledge sharing with some promotion for the art I make. Facebook is much more personal and about having conversations on topics that are close to me politics, topical issues, conversations more to then here is a link I find interesting or check out my blog post or photo/gif art kind of thing. I use Soundcloud, Flickr and Youtube/Vimeo are archives or hosts for the work I make. They all have different uses, different communities/followers and I post there to reflect what that community is most interested in. I know there is cross over so I would share a blog post or an instagram post to Twitter or Facebook but it is not the focus of how I use these channels. I have recently started posting on Linkedin and exploring other newer shocial channels like .THIS and Medium but I am looking at them also as specific kinds of content. So on Linkedin it is more of a platform to show my professional knowledge side. Also exploring a channel does not mean I stick with it, I explored Pinterest and Ello both when they launched and in the end abandoned the channels as they did not really offer me anything that was of interest to me or any value to what I find valuable in the other social channels I use more regularly, or often how I use a channel evolves, I used flickr in one way when I first got my account and now I use it very differently from then. So there is no one static path for myself for how I use social media, it is always changing.


    • HI Neil, I suspect as much. It seems that people are using different social media platform for different purposes. I cannot help but wondered though if there would ever be a time when all these would converge.


      • Well that would mean there would be a social media monopoly and we all know that monopolies in general are problematic, only serving the owner of that monopoly and not the users. The internet is one of the best examples of true democracy so having many social channels to work with fits the model well. I think the day where all social channels are owned by one person or company is the day the internet dies. The more places for people to go and find a home based on their interests the better in my opinion, and if you have amny interests like I do then many places to call home.

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